Boilermakers Local 73

Bricklayers Local 8

Elevator Constructors Local 125

Heat & Frost Local 131

IBEW Local 37

IBEW Local 502

IBEW Local 2166

Operating Engineers Local 946


Who We Are

Originally formed on May 25, 1971, the New Brunswick Building Trades Unions is a non-profit umbrella organization representing 17 building trades unions around the province with more than 8,700 active members. The NB Pipe Trades Administration Office has the “Business Registration Number” because it serves as the “administrative arm” of the New Brunswick Building Trades Unions.

Commonly known as the New Brunswick Building Trades, the Council works with both employer organizations and government agencies to improve the working situation of our union members as well as all construction workers.

Of the 72 Designated Occupations under the Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification Act in the Province of New Brunswick, 31 of these trades are under the jurisdiction of the Building Trades Council.  Of the “Top Ten New Brunswick Apprenticeable Occupations” as stated by the Apprenticeship and Certification Branch of the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, no fewer than eight of these trades fall within the construction sector and are, by definition, under the jurisdiction of the Building Trades Council.

NBBTU Membership: Boilermakers Local 73, Bricklayers Local 8, Elevator Constructors Local 125, Heat & Frost Local 131, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Locals 37, 502, 1555 and 2166, Operating Engineers Local 946, Ironworkers Local 842, Labourers Local 900, UA Local 213 Plumbers & Pipefitters, UA Local 325 Plumbers & Pipefitters, Carpenters Local 1386, Sheet Metal Workers Local 437, Millwrights Local 2262 & Painters and Allied Trades Locals 1141 and 1936.

IBEW Local 1555

LiUNA Local 900

Painters Local 1141 & 1936

Millwrights Local 2262

Sheet Metal Workers Local 437

Carpenters Local 1386

Ironworkers Local 842

UA Local 325

UA Local 213