In order to ensure the highest standards of workplace behavior, customer service and productivity are being delivered to our contractors and owners; all 13 members of the NB Building Trades require their 'rank & file' membership undergo standards of excellence training.

Here is a sample of the fundamentals that our New Brunswick Building Trades Unions members include in their standards of excellence programs.



A Standard of Excellence is a program designed to bring out the best in our construction members and demonstrate to our customers that our members:

  • Exercise safe and productive work practices
  • Perform the highest quality and quantity of work
  • Utilize their skills and abilities to the maximum


The Standard of Excellence training is designed to ensure that our members will:

  1. Arrive to work on time, ready and willing to work.
  2. Follow appropriate employer and customer work rules.
  3. Promote an alcohol and drug free workplace.
  4. Work in a safe and healthy manner.
  5. Give 8 hours’ work for 8 hours pay and ensure supervision has been notified when we need to leave the jobsite.
  6. Respect management directives that are safe, reasonable and legitimate.
  7. Respect the customer’s rights and property.
  8. Respect the rights of our co-workers.
  9. Utilize the skills and abilities we have learned to gain a competitive advantage.
  10. Take care of the employer’s tools and equipment as if they were our own.
  11. Refuse to condone any act of property destruction, including graffiti.
  12. Start work on time, work until the appropriate quitting time and limit break periods to the time allowed.
  13. Use the proper tool for the job while maintaining personal responsibility for our tools.
  14. Only sell merchandise or collect funds as authorized by the Business Manager of the Local Union.
  15. Perform personal business, including cell phone use, during authorized break periods only.
  16. Never participate in job slowdowns, disruptions or activities designed to extend the job or create overtime.
  17. Always strive to conduct ourselves in a way that promotes a positive image of our union.