The NB Building Trades actively participates in the development and regulation of construction training and education standards. There are 8 compulsory trades in NB, 6 of which fall directly under the jurisdiction of the NBBTU. The NBBTU recognizes that rigorous training standards will produce the highest quality construction workforce and therefore it’s member union organizations regularly invest in ongoing training for their ‘rank & file’ members.


In 2013, the NBBTU began the development of  an apprentice mentor program called the NB Mentor Apprentice Program (nb-map) to support their journey persons who deliver skills training ‘on the job’ to apprentices. The NBBTU also supports the NB Teen Apprenticeship Program.


NBBTU Education & Training Partners:


NB Dept. of Post-secondary Education, Training & Labour – Occupational & Certification Branch


College Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB)

New Brunswick Community College (NBCC)

Joint Apprentice Training Committees (JATC)

NB Construction Safety Association


New Brunswick Mentor Apprentice Program (nb·map)


New Brunswick Teen Apprenticeship Program (NB-TAP)