Benefits of Union Membership


Compare a Union Job to a Non-Union Job:



You have a legally binding contract that guarantees your rights, working conditions, job security, paid holidays, wages and benefits.

The employer can make promises but is under no obligation to fulfill them. It is difficult to enforce employment standards.

You cannot be fired without just cause and your Union will fight to enforce this right.

The employer can fire you at any time with no reason even if you do good work. If you fight for what you deserve you can lose your job.

With each round of negotiations, your Union achieves higher wages and better working conditions for you.

Raises and promotions are few and far between and completely up to the discretion of management where favouritism can play a major role.

You have the grievance procedure to fight against unfair treatment, poor working conditions or anything else that violates your collective agreement or the provincial Human Rights Code.

The employer can force you to work in unsafe conditions and change the pace or requirements of your job with no warning and no consequence. Harassment and discrimination rarely go challenged.

Your contract provides excellent benefits including life insurance, hospital care, vision and dental care coverage, disability benefits and pension plans - all without additional costs to you.

The employer decides on benefits and often they cost you extra money. In addition, these benefits can be changed or taken away with no notice.


Better Pay & Benefits:
Government statistics show unionized workers make an average of 30 per cent more that non-unionized workers in the same industries.


Job Security:
You will never be unjustly fired or disciplined. It is up to the employer to prove they have just cause to take such action and you will have the resources of the Union’s legal department fighting to get your job or missed pay back to you as soon as possible.


Grievance Procedures:
Your rights as set out in your collective agreement are protected. The violation of these rights will lead to the filing of a grievance. You must inform your Steward and/or Union Representative if your rights have been violated - whether it be with regard to pay, benefits, harassment or any other rights’ violation. Grievance procedures are timely and if unresolved between the employer and Union, may proceed to arbitration, based on their merits.


Strong Collective Agreements:
Elected negotiating committees consult with members to find out the important issues in a round of negotiations. Your collective agreement, in addition to better benefits and wages, also guarantees you hours of work, seniority rights, protection from harassment and discrimination, safe working conditions and scheduled break times.


Health and Welfare:
Union Members enjoy some of the best health and welfare benefits in Canada. This includes pensions, dental and vision care coverage, sick pay, disability insurance and many other benefits. Your collective agreement ensures you have the freedom to take necessary time off work, start a family or take the vacation you want and deserve.